24 September 2021

Meeting with the Inclusion Referent

What is the definition of your position and your missions within the Lycée Claudel?

My main mission is to allow students with special needs to follow their schooling by being integrated into a regular school curriculum.

The main actors of this schooling are the teachers and the family. My work is therefore concentrated before and after class so that these learning times go as smoothly as possible for everyone: students, teachers, families. I am above all a coordinator.

Therefore, I will be there to:

  • Set up the necessary inclusive plans in coordination with the teachers (main teachers, school council, class council), the families and the medical profession.
  • Accompany these students and their parents in their schooling (advice, follow-up, listening, updating of the files of educational adaptations)
  • Coordinate relations between the parents of these students and their teaching team (meetings with teachers and families, regular communication to teachers of the educational adjustments to be made in their classes, updating of plans).
  • Advise teachers on adapted pedagogical practices and facilitate their work (research of documentary resources, training).


Who are the students concerned?

These are all students who are prevented from following their learning for a reason that they do not master, most of the time, a medical reason, for all school cycles, from kindergarten to high school.

For each of these students, the inclusive school can put in place a support plan:

  • For students under medical treatment, it is the PAI (Individualized Reception Project). For these students, it is Angela Faustin, director of the health center who ensures the follow-up and we work closely together.
  • For students who are experiencing temporary academic difficulties, the PPRE (Personalized Program for Educational Success)
  • For students with long-term learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysorthography, dyscalculia, attention deficit disorder, etc.), we set up a PAP (Personalized Support Plan)
  • Finally, for students with disabilities, a PPS (Personalized Schooling Plan) is set up.

Each of these plans makes it possible to continue to welcome these students by including them in regular classes, without leaving them out.


When and how can I come and see you?

I am available every day of the week during school hours. Students who wish to do so can drop in directly to see me.

I can be reached :