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Your contacts at the Lycée Claudel

Here is a list of all the contacts you will need during the year. It includes the main contacts that you will also find below : Lycée Claudel contact sheet


*Warning*: To report an absence related to a symptom or a positive diagnosis of COVID19 , write to


Form for families

Main reception

From 8hAM to 6hPM
Radia Fanous


From 8h30AM to 4h30PM
Carla Khazzaka

Extracurricular activities

From 9h30AM to 5h30PM
Iryna Avignon

MATERNELLE reception (ps to GS)

From 8hAM to 5h30PM
Bytchello Previl

Elementary reception (cp to CM2)

From 8hAM to 5h30PM
Fairouz Hanou

High school reception (6e to Tles)

From 8hAM to 5h30PM
Stéphanie Galoche


Philippe Courjault
Direction assistant : Ginette Secours

Deputy headmaster

Vincent Bonnefille
Direction assistant : Ginette Secours

Direction - Primary

Claude Fillol

Direction - IT Services

Michel Portal

Direction - Operations

Alain Saborit

Direction - Communications

Aphrodite Samardziev

Direction - Student Life

Laura Mallevialle

Direction - Human resources

Marie Comyn

Accounts receivable

Céline Leloup

Accounts payable

Armelle Colombet

School Council

Primary School Comittee

APELC (Lycée Claudel's parents association)

Absences COVID

Report an absence related to COVID19 (symptoms or confirmed case)

Primary absence or lateness

Fairouz Hanou

High school absence or lateness

Florence Piovanelli

Health Centre

From 10hAM to 3hPM
Angela Faustin

Change of contact information

Emmanuelle J-L Bien Aimé

Informatic problem

Michel Portal