22 June 2021


Waht is an E.P.I ?

Combining at least two disciplines, the E.P.I. are intended for all students in Cycle 4 (from 5ème to 3ème). They allow students to build and develop their knowledge and skills and to work differently with the content of the programs.

These activities are “practical” because they are based on a project approach and lead to a concrete project in small groups (film, play, exhibition, etc.). They are also “interdisciplinary” because they are taught by teachers of several subjects who work in teams on the same theme.

What does it mean in concrete terms?

Students in classes from 5th to 9th grade, supervised by teachers of different subjects, worked in small groups on the theme that was assigned to them. We thank all the students for their investment and their creativity.

And we invite you to discover 15 videos made by the students of 3ème, on the theme : Future jobs

               Job: Architect                                   Job: Women’s rights lawyer                      Job: Ophthalmologist

    by Ethel, Mathias et Maria 3J                                     by Julie 3B                                        by Yasmine 3R

All the videos are here : VIDEOS EPI-2021 3ème