School bus service

School transportation

Bus transportation to and from school is available to students from Medium Section (MS) onwards. Students are welcomed by staff when they arrive at school, and are escorted to their buses at the end of the day. Registration for our school bus service is done via the COBA portal. 

Two lines are  now available :

  • East line, departing from Place d’Orléans
  • North Line, departing from Hull hospital (Gatineau)


Schedules 2020 – 2021


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RATES 2020 – 2021

The fare is fixed according to the number of children of the same sibling registered for the service (This fare does not vary according to the frequency of use of the bus):

  • 1st child: $1300 / year
  • 2nd child: $1000 / year
  • 3rd child: $850 / year

For a one-way trip, the service is offered at the single price of $800 / year.


Lycée Claudel recommends carpooling as an easy transportation solution. We have set up an online registration form parents can use to offer carpooling services or seek carpooling arrangements for their children. A list of interested parties is available on our platform—parents are responsible for communicating with each other directly to make transportation arrangements.

Public transportation

Lycée Claudel can also be reached easily via public transportation. Students may request a proof of registration document at our secretary’s office, which will allow them to receive discounted student rates.

Please note: The STO’s (Société de transport de l’Outaouais, Québec) student rates are available only to students over the age of fifteen, and OC Transpo’s (Ontario) student rates are available only to students over the age of sixteen.