School Restaurant

School restaurant


Due to government regulations regarding COVID-19, access to the school cafeteria is offered to students from CP, CE1, CE2, CM2 & 6ème to Terminale.

Students from Maternelle to CM1 eat in their classrooms, the meal tray is delivered directly to the classroom.


We take our students’ health very seriously, which is why we have collaborated with the Compass Group’s Chartwells program to offer a varied menu to students and staff on a daily basis. To facilitate access for all, meal times are staggered between elementary (CM2) and secondary school students. In this way, students can benefit from the dining room at the time assigned to them, thus avoiding bottlenecks.

2021-2022 school year rates

Menu for all Maternelle (small section to ):

It includes one meal (main course, drink, and dessert) and two healthy snacks.


Menu for CP to CM1:


Menu for CM2 to Terminale students and staff:

Contact Chartwells:

Téléphone : 613-733-8522 poste 675

Courriel :

The meal card, a simple and quick solution

Avoid the hassle by purchasing a pre-paid meal card from our school restaurant. Discover the advantages by clicking here.

Learn how to purchase the Zipthru Card (only in French).

How to recharge your card?

On site: In cash or by cheque made out to Compass Group (Quebec) Ltd.


How to report a lost card?

Please contact Zipthru directly  

Support hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm