Language learning

Upon arrival at junior high school, students begin learning Spanish for 2.5 hours per week. All students are taught in English for 3.5 or 4 hours per week, with additional teaching depending on the course chosen by the student:

  • A reinforced English program allowing students to follow the instruction of a non-linguistic subject (mathematics, experimental sciences, arts, history, geography, etc.) for one hour per week;
  • The American International Section (SI) curriculum allows students to benefit from English literature (4 hours per week) and history and geography in English (1.5 hours per week).

The SI curriculum allows students to take the international option of the National Diploma of the Brevet (DNBi) at the end of the 3rd grade.

The Collège

The Collège is the first four years of secondary school  where students are expected to further their learning and continue to develop their thirst for knowledge. The collège curriculum becomes more diverse over time. When students complete their collège-level studies, they are awarded a first diploma, the National Diploma (Diplôme national du Brevet, DNB).




Foreign languages

Life and Earth Sciences (SVT)

Physics-Chemistry (SPC)



Music education

Physical & Sports Education (EPS)

Media and information Education

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At the end of Juinor High School – The DNB

The National Diploma (Diplôme National du Brevet – DNB)

When students complete their collège-level studies, they are awarded a first diploma: the National Diploma (Diplôme National du Breuvet, or DNB).

Brevet National Diploma (DNB) Results 201520162017201820192020202120222023
Nb de candidats | Nb of candidates697072666966818176
Nb de candidats admis | Nb of candidates who passed69 (100%)70 (100%)71 (99%)65 (98%)69 (100%)66 (100%)46 (57%)80 (99%)76 (100%)
Mention AB | Distinction Assez Bien (average>12)13 (19%)11 (16%)18 (25%)13 (20%)4 (6%)3 (5%)1 (2%)10 (13%)14 (18%)
Mention B | Distinction  Bien (average>14)14 (20%)27 (39%)24 (34%)23 (35%)17 (25%)15 (23%)4 (9%)20 (25%)24 (32%)
Mention TB | Distinction  Très Bien (average>16)38 (55%)28 (40%)24 (34%)26 (40%)48 (70%)45 (68%)25 (54%)50 (63%)35 (46%)
Taux de mentions | Proportion of distinctions94%94%93%95%100%95%65%100%97%
Taux de mentions B et TB | Proportion of Très Bien distinctions80%83%73%79%94%95%97%88%78%

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