Day care services

Daycare services

Our teams at Student life pole are delighted to offer to families daycare services (PS to CM2) and supervised study (college) after classes in lycée.


To benefit from the daycare service in lycée, students must be registered in advance.

Registrations are made via the COBA portal ( click here) and are automatically adjusted according to the month of registration.

2024-2025 Annual rates

5 days/week: $1,750

4 days/week: $1,640

3 days/week: $1,470

2 days/week: $1,090

1 day/week: $590

One time rate : $20

Late penalties : 20 $

For questions relating to the one-time daycare, please contact the coordinators of the Student life pole of the respective school levels.

The parents may pay the invoice sent by the coordinators as soon as it is received.

It is important to pick up your child before 5:30 pm, the late penalty of $ 20 will be applied to latecomers once this period has passed.

The registration fees for the daycare/supervised study are refundable only in case of a professional transfer or relocation and upon presentation of proof.

The refund will be prorated to the service performed.

For all requests for reimbursement and registration for this service, please send your emails to Mrs. Iryna Avignon at

ONTARIO 2020 - Estimated net cost per year based on annual salary

QUEBEC 2020 - Estimated net costs per year based on annual salary

The daycare service (la garderie) is available to kindergarten (maternelle PS to GS) and elementary school (CP to CM2) students :

  • from 3.30 to 5.30 pm
  • and requires prior registration via the COBA parental portal:  click here.


The daycare for secondary school students (called supervised study) is generally available for middle school student (collège)

but, for sanitary reasons, will be offered only to 6th and 5th years students during this school season

  • from 3.30 to 5.30 pm
  • and requires prior registration via the COBA parental portal:  click here.


NB : Students who are not enrolled in daycare/supervised study or extracurricular activities must leave the school 15 minutes after the end of classes.

Responsible for Kindergarten (maternelle) Student life pole :

Mr Bytchello PRÉVIL  :

Responsible for Elementary school Student life pole :

Mrs Fairouz HANNOU :

Responsible for Secondary school Student life pole:

Mrs Florence PIOVANELLI :

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