Day care services

Day care services

Daycare services are an additional service provided to families to allow children to extend their day until 5:30 p.m. while being supervised by adults.

The childcare service is offered to students in Maternelle classes. This service is oriented more specifically towards learning and socialization through play.

The study service is reserved for students in Elementary classes (CP to CM2) and Junior High classes (6ème to 3ème). Students, supervised by a tutor, can do homework, read or participate in quiet activities.

To take advantage of the daycare service on an occasional basis, the fee is $20.00 per session. Daycare fees must be paid upon receipt of the invoice.

Reminder: On days when the student is not registered for extracurricular services, he or she must leave the establishment 15 minutes after the end of classes.

To register your child via the COBA platform, click here. 

Annual rate (sept. to june)

This annual package gives access to the services of the Lycée Claudel Daycare/Study Centre until 5:30pm at the latest, regardless of the number of weeks in the year.

5 days/week: $1,550

4 days/week: $1,440

3 days/week: $1,300

2 days/week: $970

1 day/week: $520

ONTARIO 2020 - Estimated net cost per year based on annual salary

QUEBEC 2020 - Estimated net costs per year based on annual salary

Enrolment in daycare or studies

In order for children to be registered and accepted to the Daycare/Study service at the beginning of the school year, registration must be made through the COBA Portal before August 31.

No changes or cancellations will be accepted after Friday, September 16.

In the case of registration for less than 5 days per week, the choice of days must be made by September 17th at the latest.

For the annual daycare, it is possible to change the choice only twice a year: during the Christmas and Spring holidays.
No request for a change of day will be accepted outside of these periods.


Contact staff (until 5.30 pm)

Director Pôle de vie de l’élève: Agnès Collet,

Maternelle (PS – GS): Bytchello Prévil, ext. 634
Primary (CP-CM2): Fairouz Hanou, ext. 620
College (6eme 3eme): Study, ext. 628 or Vie scolaire, ext. 623

Registration during the year

Enrolment during the school year is possible on the basis of the annual fee, prorated for the remaining months. Payment of the Daycare/Study fees must be made from the first day the children have access to this service or upon receipt of the invoice.

Departure during the year

Childcare/study costs are only refundable in the event of a professional transfer or a move (with proof). Any month started is due and expenses already paid are reimbursed on a pro rata basis for unused months. Requests for reimbursement of childcare/study expenses must be made by letter or email to the Financial Director of the Lycée Claudel.

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