During the holidays

Day camps

Our day camps are open for elementary students (from PS to CM2) during

  • the fall (from October 25th to November 2d),
  • winter (from February 21st to March 4th)
  • and spring (from May 2 to 6th).

The lycée day camp are a moment of relaxation and leisure.

Throughout the day, various active games and those that require more concentration, sports and creative activities, crafts and many other surprises will be offered by our animators.

Students from Maternelle (kindergarten) will follow the same organization, which is familiar to them during the school days, with naps and times of rest panned.

The service will be open from 8 am to 5.30 pm.

The students can arrive during the morning hours to their convenience and leave at the time that suites the best to parents, but at 5.30 pm at the latest.

The parents should plan meals and snacks without peanuts or nuts.

Students may not be able to reheat meals at lycée.

We will strictly respect the health restrictions of public authorities for the safety of all.

Students will be grouped according to cohorts.


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Safety Courses

During the fall school vacations, we offer to our students, with the financial participation of Lycée Claudel’s Parents Association (APELC),

safety training courses certified by the Canadian Red Cross, such as:

  • “Stay alone at home” for students from CE2 to CM2 (online)
  • “Babysitting course” for collège students from 6e to 3e (online)
  • “First aid course” for lycée students (Seconde à Terminale) – an online for the theoretical part, the practical training course in person at lycée.


You will find all the details on the content of these programs and their organization on COBA.


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