Sciences and mathematics

The scientific pole at lycée Claudel

  • 4 laboratories fully equipped with professional equipment
  • 1 digital science and technology room

Above all, it’s a team of 17 dynamic, motivated teachers who are continually trained in the latest techniques and are entirely dedicated to the success of each of their students.


The teaching of mathematics is based on the development of six skills:

  • Seek, because solving a problem is not immediate and requires exploring different paths;
  • Represent, because the use of different representations of mathematical objects makes it possible to better conceptualize the concepts studied;
  • Modeling, because studying certain models makes it possible to better understand real-life situations;
  • Calculate, because mastering calculation allows greater autonomy in the face of ubiquitous numerical situations;
  • Reasoning, because reasoning allows one to make informed and anticipated choices when faced with complex situations;
  • Communicate, because communicating is essential to explain a reasoning, write a demonstration or argue.


The seven teachers in the team, Nathalie, Yvan, Yann-Michaël, Myriam, Renaud, Moussa and Nicolas, are committed to teaching their discipline in an innovative, lively and attractive way, so that they no longer have to endure maths, but rather live it!

The use of digital media (use of exercisers and dynamic geometry software,…), work methods that are evolving and not static (individual, pair or group work), everything is done to generate the interest and commitment of the students.

Math contests


Math in Jeans

Algorithm and programming

Life and Earth Sciences (SVT)

Karine, Mounir, Rabia and Stephanie, the four teachers of the discipline, welcome you in a dedicated environment, equipped with professional equipment. This attentive team makes every effort to meet the needs and interests of its students.

We offer stimulating and enriching courses, with augmented reality, hands-on practice, meetings and exchanges with teachers, educational outings, interdisciplinary projects… an innovative approach to Life and Earth Sciences, for the success of each of our students.

The Geoscience Olympics

The Biology Olympics

Physics and chemistry

Myrtille, Jean-Urbain, Catherine and Thierry, the four Physics and Chemistry teachers place the success of their students at the center of their preoccupations.

Project participation, experimental practice, a concrete and contextualized approach, environmental education and sustainable development, …this dynamic team constantly stimulates the interest and curiosity of their students by creating optimal learning conditions.


Chemistry olympics

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