07 October 2021

Meeting with our Student life pole Director

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Laura Mallevialle and I am Student life pole Director.

I was trained in France, at the University of Limoges, then in Toulouse, in Sociology and Education Sciences. I then obtained a master’s degree in teaching, with a specialization in educational management, and in 2015 I won the competitive examination for the position of Principal Education Advisor.

My experience in different school structures has enriched my practice and I am now very happy to use my skills at Lycée Claudel.


What are your roles and responsibilities at the Lycée Claudel?

My days are dedicated to various tasks to organize the daily life of the school outside of class time.

My team works for all the students from Primaire (CP) to Lycée (Terminale), making sure that everyone is placed in the best possible learning conditions. The environment must be safe and conducive to growth and development. The spaces are shared by almost a thousand students every day and the organization of the student life team is rigorous to ensure the best possible supervision.

I follow up with the high school students in close collaboration with the teachers, the guidance counselor and the school nurse if needed. I take part in the internal organization meetings of the school with the management team, in the class councils and in the times dedicated to the students’ commitment (general assembly of the delegates, council of the Collegian and High School life).


Who are the members of your team?

My team is composed of :

  • Two coordinators who play a major role in the relationship with the students and families: Mrs. Piovanelli with the middle school students and Mrs. Hanou with the primary school students.
  • 7 Student Life Assistants, 3 Student Life Intervenors and supervisors ensure the supervision, security and monitoring of attendance.
  • The school nurse, Angela Faustin, is present every day and welcomes all students in case of need and ensures, in collaboration with the educational teams, their follow-up.
  • The inclusion coordinator, Maud Ponin-Ballom, coordinates the actions of the teams to welcome and train all our students.

Ensuring a reassuring living environment, conducive to exchanges, mutual aid, the development of social skills and learning to live together are the missions that we give ourselves on a daily basis with the student life team.


When and how to contact you?

I am available every day for students and by appointment for families. To contact me: