Nurture Potential

Elementary school begins immediately after the maternelle. The elementary-level program focuses on the same objectives as the maternelle program, but is adapted to better accommodate your child’s continuing development. Elementary school aims to fulfill young students’ emerging needs and encourages them to reach new intellectual heights.

Language learning

At the end of maternelle, students continue their studies in an American international section that offers a high quality pedagogical and didactic framework for integrated language and cultural education. The international section is designed to build bilingual and plurilingual skills, allowing students to develop a genuine aptitude for interculturality.

The Second Cycle: General Knowledge

The second cycle of the elementary program now includes French, mathematics, art, and physical education courses. In addition, the curriculum aims to encourage curiosity and proper social conduct.

The Third Cycle: Furthering Knowledge

When the third cycle begins, it is time to encourage students to take on new and more complex challenges in order to reach the next steps of their personal and intellectual development. At this stage, we introduce students to all the academic subjects that will become integral parts of their education. As French courses become more complex, we introduce literature and foreign language courses into the curriculum. Of course, mathematics are still part of the program, along with history and geography. We also place more emphasis on the arts and continue to encourage sports and physical activity.

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