Apply for admission

Apply for admission for a new student

1. Fill out the admission request form

To open your file today, send us your application by clicking on the link below. The form will allow us to better understand your child’s background to ensure the best possible experience. Please note that places are limited and that priority is given to current families. Therefore, we encourage you to send us your application as soon as possible for the following school year.

Admission request

2. Send us the documents

Once the form is completed, send us the following documents on COBA portal :

  • Copy of birth certificate OR copy of family booklet;
  • Copies of the previous school year’s report cards mentioning the move to the next grade;
  • Copies of the current year’s bulletins;
  • School certificate (For students coming from a school approved by the French Ministry of National Education);
  • For entry into Terminale, the marks of the early tests of Première (For students coming from a school approved by the French Ministry of National Education).

3. Attend an introductory meeting

Once the form has been completed and the documents sent, we will contact you to schedule an introductory appointment during which your child will be invited to take the entrance exams. This evaluation allows us to know, in a nutshell, your child’s strengths and challenges in order to be able to support him or her as best as possible in his or her integration.

Please note that students from schools belonging to the AEFE network or from France are exempt from the exam. 

4. Finalize your registration

Once the exam has been successfully passed, we will send you a final nominative form by email to formalize your registration at Lycée Claudel. From this stage, our team will familiarize you with the various services offered to families as well as the multitude of extracurricular activities that will promote your child’s integration.

For any additional information regarding admissions, we invite you to contact Mme Khazzaka, Admissions Manager, directly :

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