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Philippe Courjault


Pascaline Gaussot

Deputy Headmaster

Pascal Adam

Primary Director

Rachid Salama

Chief Financial Officer

Michel Portal

Director of IT

Alain Saborit

Director of Operations

Sophie Alice T. Marchand

Director of Communication

Morgan Treguer

Director of Students Life

Marie Comyn

Human Resources Director

Emmanuelle J-L Bien Aimé

Front desk agent

Ginette Secours

Executive Assistant

Carla Khazzaka


Élodie Bouvier

Orientation counsellor

Bytchello Prévil

Maternelle coordinator

Fairouz Hanou

Elementary school coordinator

Florence Piovanelli

High school coordinator

Stéphane Gaussot

Communication assistant

Elsa Marques

Health Centre Manager

Mélissa Pierre Sincère

Human resources assistant

Iryna Avignon

Extracurricular activities coordinator

Gauss Kiaku

IT Technician

Armelle Colombet

Assistant – Account Payable

Carole Ghannoum

Assistant – Accounts Receivable

Virginie Peneau

Manager of Professional Development – North America

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