Health Centre

Important notice 

In accordance with applicable regulations, we inform you that as of Monday, January 25, all students, staff and visitors entering the facility will be required to have previously completed the COVID19 screening form for schools and childcare facilities. To this effect, a signature will be required upon your arrival to attest that you have completed the form.

Health centre

For Lycée Claudel, student health is a priority.

  • The health area is located on the ground floor of the secondary wing.
  • It is open from Monday to Friday, from 09h45 to 15h30
  • It is open to all students, from kindergarten to high school.


The health area has several objectives that are essential to life in high school:

  • Provide first aid and proper emergency measures
  • Listen, advise, reassure and inform students, in complete confidentiality
  • Ensure personal monitoring of students’ health, in collaboration with parents and school staff
  • Organize vaccination campaigns planned by Ottawa Public Health
  • Recognize, intervene and report cases of children at risk
  • Participate in the integration of students with disabilities
  • Acting in the event of a communicable disease
  • Encourage health education

Important note

Allergies: Implementation of the recommendations of the Sabrina law at the beginning of each school year.

Asthma: Implementation of the recommendations of the Ryan Act at the beginning of each school year.

A written authorization signed by the parents and a medical prescription are required to authorize any medical treatment that must be taken at school. The health space asks parents of students with symptoms of illness to act responsibly and not to send their child to school on that day. This measure is used in particular to limit the risk of contamination.

Measures adopted at the start of the 2020 school year

The principles that have guided the development of this back-to-school protocol aim to achieve three fundamental objectives:

  1. To ensure teaching is done in a way to preserve the continuity of learning as well as pedagogical and educational follow-up within the facility;
  2. Provide an environment that promotes the well-being and physical and mental health of students;
  3. To ensure a healthy and safe environment in all circumstances.

This document presents the organization modalities of teaching as well as all aspects of the functioning of the school from the beginning of the school year 2020. It complies with the guide for reopening schools in Ontario developed by the Ministry of Education, whose recommendations the school respects, as well as those of the pedagogical service of the Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger (AEFE). We also benefit from the advice of a pediatrician specialized in infectiology and a health advisor hired specifically for the time of the pandemic.

The organization presented here will, of course, be reviewed and amended as necessary to take into account the evolution of the COVID situation and the measures taken in this context by the health and education authorities of Ontario.


Reception and circulation of students

Time schedules and cohorts


What health protocols are in place in the facility?

Is it mandatory to wear a mask?

How can we ensure symptom control for students and staff?

How will the school ensure physical distancing?

Will the use of lockers be allowed?

What should I do if my child has symptoms?

What is the protocol in the event of a suspicion or reported case of COVID-19?

What are the access procedures to the facility?

What are the alternatives to face-to-face education to accommodate more vulnerable families?

What happens to a lycée student if his class or group is larger than 20?

How will recess and access to the lounges take place?

Will child care and the guided study be offered?

How will the lunch periods take place?

What are the measures to follow for school transportation?

Latest updates

For the latest developments, please consult the following communiqué :


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