16 June 2021

The E3D Label

The E3D Label

Thanks to the collective investment of our students and our community, the Lycée Claudel has obtained the E3D Label Level 1 Engagement. This label is awarded for a period of 3 years by the labeling commission of the rectorate of the Paris academy. It aims at recognizing the Lycée Claudel as an Establishment in the Process of Sustainable Development (E3D) which implements a project to ensure continuity between teaching, school life, management and maintenance of the school structure while opening up to the outside world through partnerships.

Our students are at the center of this project and we hope that education for sustainable development will help them understand the contemporary world in its entirety, taking into account the interactions between the environment, society, the economy and culture.

What can we wish for the future?

The next step will be to renew our application in order to reach a higher level of labeling and thus obtain the E3D Label Level 2 Approfondissement. All this will be possible thanks to the growing investment of the eco-delegates and our community as well as the implementation and maintenance of sustainable development projects.