11 June 2021

Bourse Excellence Major

Each year, the 200 best foreign baccalaureate students from French high schools abroad are rewarded with the Scholarship Bourse Excellence Major, based on :
  • the quality of their academic results,
  • their career plans,
  • their involvement in the life of the school or in extra-curricular activities,
  • and their motivation to pursue demanding higher education in France.


This year again, we have the great privilege of seeing one of our students receive this prestigious scholarship: José Daniel A. M. Thanks to his academic results, his involvement in the school and his various commitments, José Daniel will be able to continue his studies in France and to realize his dream of becoming a diplomat for the UN.

Claudel students who received this scholarship:

  • 2021 : Mr José Daniel Arsenault-Moriel
  • 2018 : Mlle Reem Al Ameri