Academic ambition


Throughout the year and their academic journey, Lycée Claudel students forge a humanistic culture, open to the world. The excellence of the teachers and their pedagogy, as well as the close relationship with the French Embassy, ensure that each student benefits from a solid academic content and a rich cultural contribution.

This humanistic culture contributes to the development of judgement, preference and sensitivity. It opens the mind to the diversity of human experiences and invites to reflection. By providing common points of reference for understanding, humanist culture helps in the formation of well-reasoned opinions and prepares the young ones to build their own. Through reading, performances, museum visits, cultural, artistic or physical activity, humanist culture makes us curious about our personal approach to culture and cultivates an attitude of openness.

A welcoming school that puts students’ progress first

  • At Lycée Claudel, students are our number one priority. This is why we offer:
  • Dynamic teaching that encourages students to take on new challenges and develop their autonomy.
  • Attentive teachers and staff who provide exceptional guidance and implement innovative educational projects.
  • School visits, field trips, clubs, and extracurricular activities.
  • An enriched curriculum featuring uncommon course offerings that encourage students to face new challenges and exceed expectations.


In the spirit of cultural and interpersonal openness, our students are encouraged to study three languages other than French. Lycée Claudel offers a wide selection of language courses, most notably English, Spanish, and even Latin.

Not only does this multilingual approach give students the opportunity to discover different cultures, it also helps to prepare them for their future journeys through university and professional life. Their intellectual arsenals will be reinforced with rare skills that will help them stand out in competitive environments.

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