01 June 2022

Webradio Claudel : Frequency 6 special Ukraine

Here is a special Ukraine Frequency 6 with the program :

  • An exclusive interview with Canada’s ambassador to Romania and Moldova, Ms. Goulet
  • A discussion with the fifth grade teacher Mr. Guiet about the fundraiser: The Peace Market
  • The presentation of the problematized map on Ukraine and its borders made by Justine and Marina in the framework of the teaching of the HGGSP specialization in 1st grade
  • Finally, an interview with Borys Gengalo, president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress UCC of Ottawa

This program was conceived by Laura 6V our journalist (who searched for information and contacts and courageously conducted the interviews), animated by Sybille 6R our shock presenter and realized (recording, sounds) by Jonah 6B who directed the program.

So make yourself comfortable and turn up the sound!