28 June 2022

Discover the achievements of the Latin students

Taking Latin in college means :
  • discovering a language that is still very much alive today in the expressions and words we use every day.
  • and learn the etymology of French words and thus better understand the meaning and spelling of the words we use.
And thanks to Mr. Collin-Lange, Latin teacher, Latin is still a very much alive language that the students study through very original works!
Take advantage of the vacations to enjoy the creations of the 5ème and 1ère students!


This totally fictional and original documentary series will introduce you to the students of Lycée Claudel from a totally new perspective. “The secret life of the students of Claudel High School” – or VSLC for the future fans that you will undoubtedly be – attempts to answer questions that will certainly keep you awake at night: what do the students do between classes? Who are the people behind all these serious students? Do the students of Claudel High School have any secrets they can admit to? etc… etc… and etc…

In this first season, perhaps the most mysterious question of all time will be explored. But why do high school students want to take advantage of Latin classes? Of course, answers such as “for cultural openness”, “to understand our journey as a civilization”, “to appropriate the French language with real intelligence”, “and why not first?” are all relevant, but are they sufficient to understand the reality of what it is to be a Latinist in 21st century Ottawa, Ontario. Without giving anything away, the answer is NO, of course not. The Latinist student often has a very singular motivation, a surprising motivation, what shall I say? a bewildering motivation, a hidden motivation, but one that will be revealed to you.

So sit back, open your eyes, ears and minds and discover the Secret Life of the Lycée Claudel Students!

The Secret Life of Lycée Claudel Students – A Big Budget Production of the 1st Latinists | School Year 2021/2022 | Teacher in Charge: Mr. Collin-Lange


Discover mythology in a different way thanks to the animated videos made by the students of the 5th grade.