21 November 2022

6ème FM : First show

Here is the first show of the students of 6ème!

6th FM Show 1: November 11, 2022 presented by Zoé and Zachary

On the program:

  • “Bienvenue en 6ème”, a program for the CM2 by Carolina, Charlotte, Dorine, Sirine and Alycia
  • “The Cinematologists”, the latest news on cinema and CAV in high school by Romane, Laxmi, Oyann, Riana and Romy
  • The Giant Halloween Clue, a high school tradition by Violette, Camille and Mia
  • The “Country Quiz”, special November 11 by Adam, Annaliese and Emma
  • Listen carefully until the end, so you don’t miss the finale: the November 11 ceremony at the high school

Technical support (sounds and recordings) by Élisa and Éléonore. Thanks to all the students and teachers who helped us.

Listen, broadcast, share a lot!

Duration: 19 minutes and 08 seconds of happiness!