Main projects

Main projects

Lycée Claudel encourages students to be dynamic and entrepreneurial by getting involved in different projects according to their personal interests to improve school life.

Peer Mediation Program

The peer mediation program allows students to develop sound conflict management methods. Students who wish to get involved receive mediation training that will allow them to accompany their peers as mediators in the event of disagreements or conflicts. It has been shown that some students are more open to mediation when it is offered by a person of the same age.


  • Give students tools so that conflicts are not dealt with by confrontation or even violence, but can rather be put into words
  • Encourage students to get involved in conflict resolution
  • Empower students in the sound management of their conflicts
  • Contribute to the improvement of the social climate

Mediator students

There are two mediator students in each class from CP to 3rd grade. Their role is to ensure the smooth running of a mediation meeting between parties in conflict. He invites his peers to communicate and finds a solution to the problems they face.

Mediation is never imposed. It takes place only if students in conflict request it or if they accept the proposal to meet a mediator.