🎙️ WebRadio Claudel

Lycée Claudel’s recording studio

The Lycée Claudel has a recording studio that allows us to produce audio content for educational projects, produce WebRadio broadcasts or interview local personalities!

Discover all the educational projects on the new listening platform!

Audio educational projects

Many different educational projects use the studio.

Here is the list of the projects realized these last years (update to come):

  • in orientation: the Paroles d’anciens 

The Claudel High School WebRadio

Supervised by teachers, the WebRadio offers students (from the 6ème) the opportunity to host programs while becoming familiar with the world of radio and discovering the importance of :

  • teamwork
  • writing information,
  • of verifying information.

So if you are interested in the adventure, don’t hesitate to join the WebRadio team!

While waiting to join the team, discover the programs of the last years:

  • Podcasts Canal Radio 6ème :
  • Podcasts Claudel Infos :