Recruitment of seconded teachers

Updated January 18, 2023

Lycée Claudel is looking for seconded teachers for the 2023-2024 school year, in the following disciplines:

  • 2 School teachers: 1 vacant position, 1 position likely to become vacant,
  • 1 Professor of SVT (Life and Earth Sciences): 1 position likely to be vacant,
  • 1 Professor of Mathematics – NSI (Digital and computer sciences): 1 vacancy – Candidates must be qualified to teach the NSI specialty in the first and last years of high school,
  • 1 Professor of Mathematics: 1 position likely to be vacant.

Candidates are invited to take note of the procedures for putting together and submitting an application file as specified in the explanatory note (click here).

Please note that in order to be considered, your application must include the application form (click here), duly completed.

Please note:

Primary teachers are likely to teach at all levels of kindergarten and elementary school.
Secondary school teachers may be required to teach in middle and/or high school.