29 November 2021

World French High School Week 2021

This year, four beautiful projects were carried out in the fields of arts, sciences, and sustainable development allowing to prepare our students from primary to high school to the world of tomorrow through the prism of French education.

We have therefore registered them for the fifth edition of the Semaine des lycées français du monde se déroule du 29 novembre au 4 décembre 2021:

– Theater outing: December 1, as part of the French program and the study objects “Saying Love” and “Individual and Society: Confrontation of Values”.
– Let’s display the crystals of the living world: during the #semaineLFM, exhibition of posters presenting biocrystals and linking it to the UN’s sustainable development goals for 2030.

Affiche présentation cristaux      Affiche – Le caméléon et ses couleurs       Affiche – Les coquillages       Affiche – Nacre et perles

– Explore Canada’s energy future: discover and become aware of tomorrow’s energy issues.
– Planting trees in the green belt: participate in an eco-citizen action and raise awareness of the problem of deforestation.