22 October 2021

CVCL 2021 Election Results

The elections of the CVCL took place this Thursday, October 21, during the week of the commitment.

The Student Life Council is the representative body of the students: they invest themselves to animate the life of the establishment, to create projects, to collect funds for charitable associations or to arrange the places of life.

Here are the students elected to the CVCL for the year 2021-2022:

  • Felix CORRIVEAU 6V
    Anthony ARNMANUOS 6V
  • Chloé ORMAOND 6R
    Eliska GRANT 6R
  • Graciela BANIAB 5J
    Anouchka BUTA 5J
  • Aurélie HAZIZA 2V
    Laura HUMBER 2V
  • Sophia ZHAO 2R
    Alexia MCNAMER 2R
  • Sara SADQI 2J
    Elias SAINT-LOUIS 2J
  • Mauricette DAGBELOU 1R
    Tabara BARRY 1R
  • Alexander AUMAIS
    Simon NGASSAM 1R
  • Sophie HARB TB
    David MIKHAIL TR
  • Marianne HAZIZA TB
    Océane SARRAZIN TR

Congratulations to all the candidates for your professions of faith and your commitment.