The maternelle

A Compassionate School that Cares About Your Child’s Development

The maternelle is not a day care service, but rather an educational program run by skilled certified teachers. Our program complies with the standards set by the Agency for French Education Abroad (Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger, or AEFE) and features several specialized learning modules designed to accommodate the needs of young children.

Our maternelle program has several objectives:

  • Helping children discover their personalities
  • Stimulating sensory, motor, cognitive, and social development
  • Developing self-esteem and teaching respect for others
  • Encouraging growth

Learning Through Play

Our program aims to prepare children to learn the fundamental skills they will be taught in elementary school, and teaches them the basic principles of living in a society. It is designed to cultivate curiosity and enjoyment of learning in young children in order to help prepare them for their future as students.

An Adaptable School

Our adapted teaching environment enables kindergarten students to reach their fullest potential. The school is organized in such a way to stimulate young children’s imaginations and meet their fundamental needs—most notably play, movement, rest, and discovery. Every aspect of the program is designed to maximize the number of opportunities for sensory, motor, interpersonal, and cognitive experiences, all in a safe environment.


Positive Evaluation

Our maternelle program has dispensed with traditional models of quantitative evaluation in favour of a skills-based evaluation model that values individual progress. Thus, all students are free to progress at their own pace and give their personal best.

Committed Teachers

Our teachers are trained to teach in fun and exciting ways, and will be more than happy to guide your child through every stage of their development.

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Elementary School

Developing Potential

Elementary school begins immediately after the maternelle. The elementary-level program focuses on the same objectives as the maternelle program, but is adapted to better accommodate your child’s continuing development. Elementary school aims to fulfill young students’ emerging needs and encourages them to reach new intellectual heights.

The Second Cycle:

General Knowledge

The second cycle of the elementary program now includes French, mathematics, art, and physical education courses. In addition, the curriculum aims to encourage curiosity and proper social conduct.


The Third Cycle:
Furthering Knowledge

When the third cycle begins, it is time to encourage students to take on new and more complex challenges in order to reach the next steps of their personal and intellectual development. At this stage, we introduce students to all the academic subjects that will become integral parts of their education. As French courses become more complex, we introduce literature and foreign language courses into the curriculum. Of course, mathematics are still part of the program, along with history and geography. We also place more emphasis on the arts and continue to encourage sports and physical activity.

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